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Gary Lane Lady Lite Saddle II

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Gary Lane Freedom Bits
Freedom Bit-Phase 2
The Gary Lane Gen. 2 saddle made on the same tree as the Lady Lite.  
Made in the USA
by National Bridle 
     I have ridden horses as long as I can remember.  As a child I knew no danger, and was somewhat of a dare devil. Horses were a large part of my life and my best friends  As I have gotten older it has become painfully clear that I am no longer that youthful daredevil I once was.   My aches and pains have made me slower to mount, and dismount  my horses gracefully.  I am also more aware of the "what ifs" . What if my horse stumbles, spooks, rears, gets stung, etc.  It has made me think more about my safety.  As a nurse, I am a strong advocate of riding helmets.  I have heard horror stories of people who have fallen off their horse and received traumatic brain injuries, who might have been spared had they just worn a helmet.  I've heard all kinds of excuses .  "I don't like the way it messes my hair up.", "Its too hot".," I don't look good in a helmet", Well,  I can tell you a concussion messes up your hair, and a halo and shaved head isn't a good look either.  Some people only wear their helmet when they trail ride.  Unfortunately, a lot of accidents happen at home and when you least expect it.
     I was riding my mare at home a few months ago  as I have done many times before without incident, when she decided she wanted me off her back.  Thankfully, I had my helmet on because I really got a jolt.  I landed on my back and tailbone, and hit my head  on the ground.  I am sure I would have been hurt if I hadn't had my helmet on.  That fall got me thinking about my overall safety and how to further reduce the risk of injury while riding..  I have talked to many women who have stopped riding because of fear of injury.  I didn't want that to be me.  So I started researching safety vests and talked to women who have used them..  I was encouraged by what I heard.  After comparing the air vests on the market now, I chose Hit-Air vests because of the design and the research that went into their design.  They are lightweight and non-restrictive.  Although, no vest can protect you from every incident, Hit Air Vests can significantly reduce your risk of being injured in a fall from your horse.. Gary and I  stress safety in our clinics so we decided to offer Hit-Air Vests on this site and at our clinics.We want every rider to be safe and ride their horses without fear.  Ruth Lane
​We are now offering Hit Air Vests